• Brain inspired sensor processing
    for applications & wearables

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About our Product

Thalchemy’s software revolutionizes user interface and experience on smartphones and wearable devices. With applications in the gaming, fitness, and lifestyle spaces, Thalchemy’s technology uses real­ time sensor data to connect your human experience with your digital life.

Highly Accurate

Thalchemy enables unparalleled real ­time accuracy in sensory processing for smartphones, wearable devices, and applications in the gaming, fitness, and lifestyle spaces.

Multimodal Capabilities

Fusing information from a broad variety of sensors means Thalchemy’s software can recognize complex gestures, activities, command words, contextual audio, and other events of interest.

Minimal Footprint

Thalchemy’s software library is lighter­ weight than any other solution in the market, resulting in minimal power and memory impact at the application or embedded level.

Easily Expanded Capabilities

Thalchemy’s brain­ inspired software can be rapidly trained for new capabilities in gesture recognition, activity tracking, exercise monitoring, and command word detection – no programming needed.

The Minds Behind the Technology – Executive Team

Thalchemy’s executive team is composed of experts in brain ­inspired algorithms for pattern matching. Their mission is to bring new capabilities and enhanced user experiences in applications using the many sensors readily available in smart devices and wearables.

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